• GeoControl Project

    Environmental and climate protection policies require complex structures of environmental governance. State action in the environmental area is implemented by public agencies, institutions and private sector companies. Conflicts of objectives […]

  • Deep Semantic Segmentation of Mammographic Images

    Deep Semantic Segmentation of Mammographic Images MIAS and INbreast are mammographic datasets for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. With the dawn of digital mammograms, one important preprocessing step for […]

  • Projeto GeoControle

    As políticas de proteção ambiental e climática requerem complexas estruturas de governança ambiental. A ação estatal na área ambiental é implementada por órgãos públicos, instituições e empresas do setor privado. […]

  • Brazilian Cerrado-Savanna Scenes Dataset

    Brazilian Cerrado-Savanna Scenes Dataset: The dataset is composed of 1,311 multi-spectral scenes extracted from images acquired by the RapidEye satellite sensors over the Serra do Cipó region, a mountainous and […]

  • Brazilian Coffee Scenes Dataset

    Brazilian Coffee Scenes Dataset: This dataset is a composition of scenes taken by SPOT sensor in 2005 over four counties in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil: Arceburgo, Guaranesia, Guaxupé […]

  • Contextual descriptors for superpixel-based segmentation

    Land-cover maps are one of the main sources of information for studies that support the creation of public policies in areas like urban planning and environmental monitoring. Their automatic creation […]

  • Natural disaster monitoring

      Natural disaster monitoring is a fundamental task to create prevention strategies, as well as to help authorities to act in the control of damages, coordinate rescues, and help victims. […]

  • Multiscale classification of remote sensing images

    A huge effort has been applied in image classification to create high-quality thematic maps and to establish precise inventories about land cover use. The peculiarities of remote sensing images (RSIs) […]