• Brazilian Cerrado-Savanna Scenes Dataset

    Brazilian Cerrado-Savanna Scenes Dataset: The dataset is composed of 1,311 multi-spectral scenes extracted from images acquired by the RapidEye satellite sensors over the Serra do Cipó region, a mountainous and […]

  • Brazilian Coffee Scenes Dataset

    Brazilian Coffee Scenes Dataset: This dataset is a composition of scenes taken by SPOT sensor in 2005 over four counties in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil: Arceburgo, Guaranesia, Guaxupé […]

  • Contextual descriptors for superpixel-based segmentation

    Land-cover maps are one of the main sources of information for studies that support the creation of public policies in areas like urban planning and environmental monitoring. Their automatic creation […]

  • Natural disaster monitoring

      Natural disaster monitoring is a fundamental task to create prevention strategies, as well as to help authorities to act in the control of damages, coordinate rescues, and help victims. […]

  • Multiscale classification of remote sensing images

    A huge effort has been applied in image classification to create high-quality thematic maps and to establish precise inventories about land cover use. The peculiarities of remote sensing images (RSIs) […]